In every great story lies the power to move hearts, inspire minds, and change lives.
Free eBook by Sylvia Gillespie!
Free eBook by Sylvia Gillespie!

Free eBook by Sylvia Gillespie!

There is a catch, of course. I have a free eBook by Sylvia Gillespie for anyone who agrees to read the book and post a review at their favorite book retailer. One honest book review. That’s all.

Cooper, my emotional support cat, says “Get your free eBook by Sylvia Gillespie today!”

It’s very hard to self-promote when you have anxiety and depression. I keep pushing my books and everyone automatically asks, “Is it good?”

Well, I mean, my books are probably good. I spent a lot of time and effort on them, sometimes years. I have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing for entertainment. I’ve been writing for almost forty years now, so yes. They probably are awesome, but I can’t tell you that. My anxiety is all, “What if you tell them that it’s good and they hate it? They’ll never trust you again. But… then, what if they would like it and you downplayed it, and they are out a good book?” The depression just says it flat-out sucks and I need to give it all up to avoid more failures and disappointments, so I mumble something stupid and run for it. It’s really not in me to say nice things about myself, even though I’m sure there are lots of good things about me.

Having anxiety and depression is dumb. They just fight all the time, and nothing gets done.

That’s where you come in. Just pick a book from my Smashwords Profile, message me your book preference on my Facebook page and I’ll email you a code to get a free eBook by Sylvia Gillespie from the Smashwords website.  You read it and then post an honest review at your favorite retailer so everyone knows if they are good or not. That’s all I ask.

So, who’s up for it?

Mostly free book anyone?

Offer good until May 15th. Hurry now to get your free copy today.

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