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About me.

I’ve been published since 2003, but you probably don’t know me. I’m the introvert hiding in the corner over there writing instead of interacting with the world. This year, however, I decided to get all my books off my hard drive and out into the world which has vaulted me into the scary world of marketing. I started marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn. I even started applying for writing jobs but they wanted writing samples so I thought it was time for an author site so I could get all the short stories and writing snippets a place to live and Walla, here we are!

It will be a bit scarce and echoey in here while we learn how to manage this site. At least I have my soul partner, Azazel, to help me out. Together we will build something new. Until then, feel free to look around and I hope you like what you read!

Currently working on.

Currently I am editing ‘Timber Layne,’ which is available as an eBook on but I have come to learn many of you like the actual feel of a book in your hand, so I am changing the formatting and fixing some pesky passages that bothered me, so that I can release it on as an actual, factual book. When resting between editing passes, I am also working on a new release. Apparently its witch season. Timber Layne and Aeron Proctor live in the same world, but have vastly different experiences and have never met. Timber lives in an underground school for bad witches, while Aeron lives in Detroit, trying to stay out of trouble by hiding his powers, but trouble always seems to find him.

I’m excited for the new release. Throughout the years, I’ve always had Aeron to go back to. When my depression got out of control, I would read old writing and add more. My witches were always there to draw me out of the darkness and keep one foot in the world. It wasn’t the real world, but it worked none the less. Without Azazel holding me into the real world and Aeron fighting the darkness for me, I might not have made it to this exciting new venture of my life. I owe them both more than I will ever be able to repay. I hope I do them justice.

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